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What is Pigaboo?

Pigaboo is a randomly AI-generated collection of 3,333 trendy piggies. It is NFT with utility project on Ethereum Blockchain. Each pigaboo has its unique properties including Top, Face, Nose and Costume, which make Pigaboo outstanding and shine. Why don’t you have Pigaboos of your own? Oink Oink!

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Pigaboo Pre-sale

You will receive a temporary lazy pigaboo before receiving your very own and unique Pigaboo. All you have to do is to wait for your one of a kind pigaboo to appear and be yours.
Each of them has fixed price at 0.05 ETH
3,333 Pigaboos in total





0.05 ETH

rare pigaboo

Drop Rate

We love all our Pigaboos. Each of them is trendy, lively and special in their own way! However, some Pigaboos are talented and extraordinary with their rare traits!!

We plan to drop 5 pigarares in each period.
Watch out! Pigaboos are coming to you Oink Oink!

0 - 100
5 pigarare  (5/100)
101 - 500
5 pigarare  (5/400)
501 - 1,500
5 pigarare  (5/1,000)
1,501 - 3,333
5 pigarare  (5/1,833)
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There will be twenty Pigarares, rare Pigaboos drawed one by one.

custom made pigaboo

Why you should be fast to get PigabooNFT in presale period? : These 3 special traits (moomoo , doll , zebra) will be found only in the first 1,000 presale Pigaboos and no more after launch 🌝

Road Map

Pigaboo Nose Logo

Phase 0
Pre-Sale Period

Giveaway Events & Collaboration with other artists and brands
Presale first 1,000 Pigaboo for exclusive early member
Rarity Tool | Rarity sniper ranking activated
Pigaboo Nose Logo

Phase 1
After all 3,333 Pigaboos are minted

20% SOLD: Sharing some benefits to World animal protection organization
40% SOLD: Conducting Art Contest
60% SOLD: Randomly giving away Pigaboo Products to Pigaboo Holders
80% SOLD: Developing Mini Games or Metaverse
100% SOLD: Conducting giveaway events of upcoming project for Pigaboo holders
Pigaboo Nose Logo

Phase 2
Build strong community

ETH airdrop event
Pigaboo Token: oink coin
Pigaboo gathering event
Pigaboo Nose Logo

More updated info soon!

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Meet the team



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